In modern times, gender norms have migrated toward androgyny and there has been an overall loosening of stereotypes. For example, I have been taught that boys can be sensitive and girls can be strong; men can be fashionable and women can be athletic; husbands can wash dishes and wives can mow the lawn; dads can be the children’s primary care taker and moms can be engineers. In summary, women have been allowed to become more and more “masculine” and (to a lesser extent) men have also been allowed to become more “feminine.”

In Japanese and Korean cultures, androgyny is portrayed as an ideal and is therefore manifested to an even greater degree. This leads one to question how far American society will allow the tendency toward androgyny to progress. I also wonder at what point Christians will no longer agree with society’s viewpoint that this is what gender equality should look like. The reason I say this is because most of the Christians I know don’t think twice about the fact that I wear pants, but they become uncomfortable when I cut my hair “too short.” Apparently, some characteristics that are considered to be masculine are okay to emulate while others are not. Though we now enjoy more wiggle room when it comes to the gender expectations others hold us to, the gender stereotypes shaped and perpetuated by our culture are still deeply entrenched in society.