A Reconstructivist

By starting this blog, I am committing to turning my abstract thoughts into concrete words. Writing inevitably invites misunderstanding, but my desire to become a reconstructivist at the intersection of the Christian and LGBT communities cannot become a reality without some sort of dialogue. Although it would be ideal to conduct this dialogue in person, I hope that this blog can still be a productive medium for sharing our thoughts. Becoming a reconstructivist is the goal, which means that I’m not there yet. Paul Haggis, a Canadian screenwriter, producer, and director said, “I don’t think writers should write about answers, I think writers should write about questions.” For now, I will gladly follow his advice because I certainly have a lot of questions. My words are far from offering any real solutions, but I know that I am not the only one working toward this goal. I invite you to comment and hope that you will join me in this effort to become reconstructivists!